We are the Eastern Carolina Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience (ECCSfN)

The Society for Neuroscience (SfN) is the world’s largest organization committed to advancing understanding of the brain and nervous system.

 SfN was founded in 1969 with 500 members and held its first annual meeting in Washington, DC, in 1971, with nearly 1,400 attendees. It publishes two highly regarded scientific journals, The Journal of Neuroscience and eNeuro (open-access). Today, SfN has more than 37,000 members in more than 95 countries. 

SfN also has more than 160 global chapters around the world, including 47 U.S. states and dozens of countries worldwide. As a local chapter, ECCSfN serves SfN’s mission by advancing understanding of the brain and nervous system among the neuroscience community and general public in Eastern North Carolina.

Mission of ECCSfN

  • Advance the understanding of the nervous system by bringing together scientists and clinicians of diverse backgrounds across Eastern North Carolina.
  • Provide professional development opportunities and educational resources to neuroscientists at all stages of their careers, including undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty.
  • Inform stakeholders in school and government settings about advances in neuroscience research and their implications for translation into practice and policy.
  • Engage with primary education and the general public through seminars, workshops, and community events. Specific outreach events include Brain Awareness Campaign.


  • Regular: Open to any person holding post-baccalaureate advanced degree(s) residing in the State of North Carolina who conducts basic research, clinical practice, medical work in neuroscience or any of its related fields.
  • Student: Open to any student enrolled in programs at degree-granting institutions of higher education within North Carolina.
  • Affiliate: Open to any person interested in the neurosciences but not eligible for regular or student membership as defined in the bylaws of ECCSfN.

To become a member, please submit this WORD form and applicable supporting documents to the Chapter Secretary, Dr. Erzsebet Szatmari (


When possible, ECCSfN assists its members and invited speakers through:

  • Travel funds for students and postdoctoral fellows attending the Annual Neuroscience Symposium
  • Travel funds for invited speakers attending the Annual Neuroscience Symposium
  • Funds that support chapter activities throughout the year

Neuroscience Graduate Program

A Neuroscience Concentration is offered in the Master’s of Science in Biomedical Sciences Program!